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Our Girls:
Double D Breeze
Still growing, smooth coat

We weren't planning on keeping a Sweet Pea pup, but this girl turned out so nicely we changed our minds. At her very first trial at exactly four months old, Breeze placed 3rd and 4th in the 4-6 Month Smooth Bitch Pup classes, beating some nice pups. We expect Breeze to grow slightly over 12 1/2 inches and for her coat to be lightly broken. Look for her to continue in the puppy classes all year.
Double D Breeze
RavenWolf Bentley  Double D Sweet Pea
RavenWolf Bentley Indy Loud x Double D Sweet Pea
Double D Breeze at Yankee Double D Breeze at Yankee
Double D Breeze at YJRTN 2013 Yankee I

Double D Sophia
12 in., broken coat

We're very excited to have Sophia in our breeding program for the bloodlines she brings in through her sire, Happy Tail's Indy Loud. Out of our Brick, Sophia has a delightful personality and conformation to match as her wins at several trials have proven.
Happy Tails Indy Loud x Double D Brick

Double D Brick
12 in., slightly broken, almost smooth coat

  Northgate DJxDouble D Turtle (12 1/2 in., broken coat)

Double D Jack Russells adheres strictly to the JRTCA Code of Ethics for Breeders.




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